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Eclipse Combustion is globally recognized as the single source for industrial process heating products for scores of diverse markets.

In the early years of the company's history, Eclipse designed and manufactured industrial furnaces, ovens and boilers.  While these products were ultimately divested as we focused on our expertise in combustion technology, that experience and knowledge gives us, and you, a distinct advantage.

Our tenure as a leading furnace and oven OEM means that we know how to apply the burners, recuperators and heat exchangers we make today.

Regardless of your application, market or location anywhere from Australia to Zanzibar, Eclipse will bring our experience to bear on the success of your project from the start.

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Eclipse is a globally recognized leader in cost-saving, field-proven applications for metal industries. Eclipse engineers understand the high-temperature spectrum and the specialized needs of the metal mills and treatment facilities for ruggedly durable and reliable combustion equipment.

From pre-treatment to finishing, continuous or batch operations, and improved tonnage out the door, you can count on Eclipse for a full line of high-efficiency, low emission burners-from high-velocity to radiant tube to immersion-for every mill application.

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Automotive Finishing

Eclipse designs and manufactures world class combustion products and systems for all automotive finishing applications- from surface preparation through painting, curing, VOC destruction and heat recovery.

For over 50 years we have responded to the needs of the auto industry with innovative solutions to industry concerns for safe process heating equipment that is reliable, durable, fuel efficient, and low emission. Today our in-depth knowledge of this dynamic and important industry is utilized by a growing community of global customers-and buttressed by our network of sales and engineering offices in key locations around the world.

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Product Finishing

Product finishing operations often involve the use of several different types of burners to achieve the desired result. For example, a state-of-the-art powder coat line at our manufacturing headquarters in Rockford, Illinois utilizes an ImmersoJet burner in the parts washing tank, an AH burner in the dry-off oven, UltraRad burners to set the powder coating and a RatioMatic burner in the final baking oven.


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