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From cookies baked in heated air to beverage malt dried in a low temperature airstream to tortilla chips deep fried in hot oil, the use of industrial process heating helps the food industry maintain product quality and consistency.

In furnaces and ovens; tanks and vats, Eclipse burners are utilized routinely by the global food industry in myriad demanding applications. Eclipse ThermAir and RHT burners, respectively, carry moisture and products of combustion away from food products being baked or dried to protect flavor and improve color and texture. And Eclipse ImmersoJet burners heat the tubes used to bring tanks of cooking liquids to precise temperatures.

Control of emissions is a major priority of the food preparation industry. Eclipse continues to respond to this demand with combustion products-such as Minnox direct fired air heating burners.

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Combustion Tec, a division of Eclipse Combustion and the leading combustion equipment supplier to the worldwide glass industry, is dedicated to providing superior quality combustion products and services to this high temperature market

Combustion Tec's innovative oxygen-fuel burner technology is paving the way for a new generation of highly-efficient low emission glass melting furnaces. The company's Primefire series oxy/fuel burners have been proven to lower melting costs-of crucial importance to an industry typified by small profit margins-and increase productivity a minimum of five percent where they are in use. Primefire burners also operate on natural manufactured gas, light/heavy oils or both fuels for global application.

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The use of industrial process heat is integral to the international textile industry. From liquid cleaning solution and dye tanks to textile drying and treating ovens, Eclipse combustion products are used to achieve consistent desired results; and to keep emissions well below local regulatory mandates.

In textile drying ovens, which require fast startup and even heating over all zones, super- efficient Eclipse RatioMatic burners, with a wide turndown range, reliably deliver the required process heat while holding emissions to the lowest levels in the industry. This is just one example of how Eclipse Combustion's innovative use of technology exceeds customer expectations.

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The ceramic, brick and tile industry requires special products for special needs. When firing green ware, kiln temperatures must rise slowly over days or even weeks. Uneven heating can cause product breakage, while poor heat penetration into the center of a load can leave large portions unfinished. Specially designed Eclipse velocity burners eliminate these problems by discharging an intense stream of hot turbulent gases into the kiln that scrubs irregular surfaces for complete penetration of loosely stacked loads. These burners are also specially designed with extended combustion tubes to position the entire flame within the kiln chamber and to provide for ease of installation in up to 60" thick firebrick walls.

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