Eclipse Combustion

Infrared Burners

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The range of applications for Eclipse infrared burners includes any curing process or operation where the temperature of the product being heated needs to be raised rapidly.  Two basic configurations are available-impingement and diffusion.

InfraRad - Combines infrared energy output with substantial hot exhaust gas, for mass transfer of heat to product, while carrying away moisture.

UltraRad - Raises product temperature quickly and evenly via near 100% radiant heat transfer, to prevent discoloration in applications such as food, plastic forming, and powder coating.

Air & Fuel Supply Components

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Eclipse manufactures a wide range of air and fuel supply components in a variety of sizes and configurations to respond to the requirements of numerous applications:

Valve Trains - Standard or custom, fully tested, pre-piped and wired packaged valve trains provide safety, reliable performance and ease of installation.

AutoTite Shut-off Valves - 100% factory tested before shipment and so reliable they come with the industry's longest warranty: a full three years.

Gas Control Valves - Fully tested Eclipse air/gas ratio regulators and butterfly valves automatically control combustion variables for peak efficiency.

Blowers & Boosters - Eclipse centrifugal blowers provide low pressure air for numerous applications where air temperatures are under 200F. Hermetic gas boosters increase the pressure of any gas or gas/air mixture.


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