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Eclipse is a single source for state-of-the-art burners and complete combustion systems; as well as combustion components and accessories-from automatic valves to blowers to flame monitors and sensors-and more.


Integrated Solutions for Convenience

Our integrated solutions-based approach to industrial process heating-from custom engineered systems to modified standard products-provides you with convenience and cost efficiencies that go beyond savings on equipment and parts. We save you time and effort as well. With full responsibility for everything from initial consultation to design and manufacture to testing, startup and maintenance, Eclipse eliminates the need for many outside suppliers and services to give you optimum control over quality and costs.

Our customer-friendly "configurator" ordering procedure and state-of-the-art CAD capability allows you and your Eclipse salesperson to specify a burner with the component parts; standard and non-standard product options; and accessories, such as flame monitors and sensors, required by your application. The bottom line? You will be presented with the best-most practical and cost- effective-solution possible, often in less than a day.

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