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Air Heating Burners

Eclipse manufactures a wide variety of reliable, durable and performance proven air heating burners.  Used to heat industrial process air to exacting low or high temperature requirements, air heating burners made by Eclipse are used in hundreds of drying and curing applications worldwide.

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Available in a wide range of sizes and capacities, Eclipse air heating burners are used in many industries including metal, automotive, food, textile, plastic, incineration and others.

RatioMatic - Automatic ratio control system, fuel efficient, extremely low emissions, multi-fuel capability;             simple, safe design.

VortoMetric - Fires fuel oil and any industrial gas to extremely high outputs. For large dryers, ovens and calciners.

ThermAir - Flexible fixed air burner with a wide range of operation and fuel use. Carries moisture away  from product.

Winnox - Similar to RatioMatic yet provides even lower emissions. Complies to the most stringent global regulations.

AH (Air Heat)  - The most reliable fixed air burner in the industry to (Air Heat) date. Extremely uniform heat distribution across a duct.

Minnox - Lowest emission levels available today; often eliminates the need for indirect firing.

RHT       - Recirculating, high temperature, indirect fired burner keeps airstream free of products of combustion for sensitive applications such as food

Packaged Performance

Eclipse Combustion designs and manufactures a wide variety of gas and oil burners, recuperators and heat exchangers, complete combustion systems, as well as accessories for combustion systems.

To provide you with unparalleled product performance, value added convenience and long term peace of mind, all Eclipse burners are available as packaged units.  These fully tested burner assemblies are shipped to you complete, with all of the component parts and options required, to assure ease of installation and startup, including:

Valve Train
Flame Monitoring
Specified Accessories

After the sale, our single source responsibility means you'll never have to worry about timely maintenance or repair service, availability of parts or excessive downtime.   And, the time you used to spend dealing with numerous suppliers and multiple invoices can be put to better use.


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