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eclipse3.jpg (5414 bytes) Quality Engineering and Manufacturing

A legacy of engineering expertise and the aggressive pursuit of innovative technologies have propelled Eclipse to the pinnacle of industry leadership.  Today Eclipse leads with the number of new products and product enhancements.

We are proud of the fact that Ecli0pse is ISO 9001 registered at all of its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities throughout the world.


eclipse4.jpg (6071 bytes) Comprehensive Testing

Eclipse is setting new standards for burner performance, simplicity and safety. This leadership initiative is ongoing and renewed daily by rigorous product testing procedures. Every packaged burner made by Eclipse Combustion is tested, re-tested and tested again before being shipped from any of our manufacturing facilities to its destination. Anywhere in the world.

Eclipse is also home to the only combustion laboratory in the world capable of firing all industrial fuel gases from 400 BTU/ft3/hr. to 3600 BTU/ft3/hr.


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Exceeding Customer Expectations

In myriad diverse applications worldwide, Eclipse industrial process heating products and systems regularly exceed customer expectations for performance, fuel efficiency, low emissions, reliability, durability, installation/maintenance simplicity and safety.

When our Minnox low-emission air heating burners were installed in a drying unit at BMCA (subsidiary of GAF) Insulation Products, Inc. in southern California, Eclipse guaranteed BMCA an after installation NOx level of 15 ppm. But final independent testing verified that the level had actually been lowered to 10 ppm-greatly exceeding customer expectations and stringent state mandates.


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