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Electronic Control Systems

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Eclipse flame monitoring systems are custom configured to meet your specific requirements for single, dual or multiple burner systems.   They are typically supplied as complete packages with controls, monitor modules, all types of flame sensors, and specified add-ons.  Independent remote displays with history basing for fault detection are packaged with all Veri-Flame, Multi-Flame and Bi-Flame systems.

Veri-Flame - Controls the startup sequence and monitors the flame of a single gas, oil, or combination gas/oil burner.

Bi-Flame - Engineered to control the start up sequence and monitors the flames of two individual gas, oil or combination gas/oil burners sharing a common valve train.

Multi-Flame - Controls and monitors the flames of up to 20 individual gas, oil, or combination gas/oil burners connected to a common valve train.


Rotary Actuator

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Unique to the industry, the Eclipse Combustion motor actuator features 100% PLC control for integrated control options at the touch of a button, to optimize control, simplify setup and maintenance.


Combustion Control Systems

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Whether it's a custom control application or a standard design, Eclipse always recommends the most practical, cost-efficient electronic system to optimize your combustion process performance


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