Eclipse Combustion

Furnace Type Burners

eclipse9.jpg (6334 bytes) From the powerful ThermJet family of high-velocity burners to the industry standard ThermThief radiant tube line, Eclipse furnace type burners improve continuous or batch operation productivity while reducing energy costs and controlling emissions.

Thermjet - Highest output velocities and lowest emissions available. For ceramics, heat treatment and other high temperature applications.

ThermThief - Indirect heating of tubes with excellent temperature uniformity for metal treating, glass lehrs, and other high heat applications.

Bayonet Recuperators - A family of recuperators that are frequently paired with ThermThief burners to increase system efficiencies to over 75%.

SER - Single Ended Recuperative burner provides the world's most efficient method of heating radiant tubes.  For all types of heat treating furnaces.

Immersion Burners

Eclipse10.jpg (8617 bytes) Immersion burners are used to heat a variety of liquids, from water to cleaning solutions to cooking oils.  Since each liquid has a different heat transfer capability, it's important to apply the correct immersion heating burner technology to optimize the combustion system.  Eclipse application engineers are always available to help you make the right choice.


ImmersoJet - The most compactly-designed and efficient gas-fired tube heat transfer (80%+) available.  For waterbased spray washers, wash tanks and other space-saving tube applications.

ImmersoPak - Delivers a uniform heat transfer rate, at efficiencies of approximately 70%, for traditional spray washer and tank designs.


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