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algas1.jpg (2521 bytes) Over 65 years of industry commitment and leadership. Algas Industries was formed in 1932 and was first known as American Liquid Gas (ALGAS) Corporation. At this time, the company's main business was the distribution of LP Gas and installation of bulk plants with its headquarters in the City of Industry, California. In the late 1930's American Liquid Gas became active in the automotive and stationary engine carburetion and introduced into the market a regulator converter that, in combination with a Venturi Carburetor, allowed LP Gas to be used as engine fuel.

During World War II, the US Government required all manufacturing facilities engaged in the war effort be equipped with some form of standby energy, and American Liquid Gas became the prime contractor to supply LP Gas standby systems to a number of major manufacturing plants; such as Douglas Aircraft, Lockheed Aircraft, Consolidated Aircraft, General Motors, Ford Motor Company and many Army and Marine camps throughout the United States. In 1961 Union Oil of California acquired American Liquid Gas and took the fuel sales into the organization under UNIGAS, and the name of the manufacturing and engineering of carburetion and standby systems was changed to Algas Industries.

In 1966 the company was acquired by a group of Dallas investors and in 1967 was moved to Dallas, Texas. In 1986 the company was acquired by the present ownership. In 1992, Algas acquired International Gas Systems (Interex) of Seattle, Washington. Interex was formed in 1974 by a group of LP Gas engineers who had been in the business for three decades.

Today, Algas Industries enjoys the leadership in the LP Gas industry with a customer base of thousands expanding the Four Corners of the World.

Through its various divisions, highly experienced employees and long-standing relationships, Algas Industries, Inc. has established a LP-Gas market.

Algas continues to provide this same level of excellence and foresight in its products and services in order to carry your business well into the future.

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