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...a Division of Eclipse Combustion, Inc.

Combustion Specialists for the
Glass and Ceramics Industries

Oxygen Furnaces, Regenerative Furnaces, Recuperative or Direct-Fired Furnaces, Oil Control Equipment, Gas Control Equipment, Oxygen Control Equipment, Forehearths, Refiners/Distributors, Instrumentation, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling, Closed-Circuit Television Systems, Oxygen Lance/Boost systems, Emissions Control Technologies, Accessories, Heat-Up Burners

Combustion Tec services all segments of the glass and ceramic industries including: float, fiberglass, contaier, TV, lighting, frit, glass block, scientific, tableware, sodium silicates, and continuous tube.

Engineering Consultation
A Complete Engineering Department for:

- Special applications
- Custom Design & Layout
- Technical Documentation
- Engineering & Specifications
- Combustion Systems
- Research and Development Programs
- Environmental Concerns

This products and services tour offers a brief cross-section of Combustion Tec's product line.  Please email, fax, or call for more details.  We welcome your inquiry.  We will be happy to respond to your needs or to schedule a Combustion Tec combustion engineer to call at your office or plant.


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