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Exothermics, Inc.: Who We Are and What We Do

Since 1976, Exothermics has been the leading source of reliable, high quality, heat exchangers for industrial equipment manufacturers and industrial end-users around the world. Exothermics' World Class Heat Exchangers have been used in every industry that uses heat to process, dry, cure, bake, or finish their product. Industries that have used Exothermics exchangers include the automotive, textile, plastics, rubber, glass, pharmaceutical, food, paper, printing, metal finishing and the pollution control industry.

Exothermics exchangers have been used by a diverse and notable list of clients including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, E.I. Dupont, 3M Corp., W.R. Grace Co., Dow Chemical, Owens Corning, Samsung, Haden Inc., Durr Industries, ABB, Johnson Mathey, International Paper, Stein Atkinson Stordy and a multitude of others.

Applications for Exothermics' heat exchangers are as varied as their client list include fume preheaters for catalytic and thermal incinerators, combustion air preheaters, indirect process heating, heat recovery for industrial furnaces, ovens and dryers and other industrial processes that depend on heat, air or other controlled atmospheres.

Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, Exothermics maintains a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility supported by sales, engineering, marketing, accounting and research capabilities.   The company's subsidiary based in England coordinates their European activity. Exothermics operates an extensive network of qualified sales representatives in North America and around the globe.

The Exothermics Team: the Best and the Brightest

Since its founding, Exothermics has constantly strived for new frontiers in the design and manufacturing of its heat exchangers. Part of the reason it has been successful in its pioneering efforts has been the expertise and versatility of its engineers, who are among the best and brightest in the business. They believe, and have proven time and time again, that no matter what the situation, the right heat exchanger can be custom-designed and built to meet a customer's specific need.

This winning attitude - and expertise - extends to all Exothermics associates.   Aside from hiring the best personnel, the company makes sure its associates stay current in their fields. As a result, continuous training and skill enhancement are a way of life at Exothermics. For example, its manufacturing associates are cross-trained and certified in multiple welder qualifications and procedures. It is critical training because the company has established a series of weld procedures and qualifications specific to its proprietary processes and operations that reach beyond any applicable industry standards.

Additionally, all Exothermics associates have been schooled in the innovative virtues of Total Quality Management, as developed by Dr. W. Edward Deming. That means the company's associates serve on self-directed work teams and that key decisions are made by the associates themselves. Teamwork is critical. For instance, manufacturing teams evaluate and select the equipment needed in each operation. Exothermics endorses the concept that the people who actually perform the work can provide the best input.



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