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Technical Bulletins

Combustion Tec is a Florida company founded in 1974 as a supplier of fuel efficient burners to the glass industry in the United States.  Since its inception, the company has consistently recorded increased revenues and expanded its core competency from burners and accessories to combustion technology, processes and systems for the glass industry, worldwide.  In addition to a complete array of fuel efficient air and oxygen-fired gas and oil burners and accessories, and support services for the glass industry, Combustion Tec offers various combustion process and control systems, services and products for the glass industry. More than 700 major glass furnaces, worldwide, use Combustion Tec equipment.

Combustion Tec markets its technology, products and services throughout the world.   The company has sales offices in the Netherlands and China-and representatives in Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, Egypt, Finland, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Portugal, and Turkey.

The company's core products are its fuel-efficient burners supported with complete fuel combustion systems for use with gas, oil, or a combination of gas and oil.   Combustion Tec's newest burner, the Brightfire, is an adjustable velocity, low NOx, air-fuel burner.  The Primefire series burners are multi-fuel oxygen burners.   Several burner types are available for different firing positions, and all gas burners are adjustable, providing for a degree of control over the flame length and luminosity.  For regenerative furnaces, Combustion Tec has introduced a special sealed-in firing principle which reduces fuel consumption by five percent.  More than 75 glass furnaces, worldwide, are using Combustion Tec's oxygen burners with either oil or gas.

Combustion Tec uses the latest up-to-date design codes by ASME/CGA/NFPA and other relevant standards, engineering processes, and manufacturing, performance and other customer service efforts.

Combustion Tec has well qualified, glass industry experienced engineers, project managers, and research engineers.  In addition, Combustion Tec has a sales staff who possess specialized knowledge in ceramics, combustion, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, manufacturing, electronics, instrumentation and controls, and other energy-related subjects.

Combustion Tec supplies complete combustion systems and services to all segments of the glass industry for use on regenerative, recuperative, unit melters, and oxygen-fuel fired furnaces.

The following is a brief list of major products manufactured, and processes and services provided by Combustion Tec:

  • Primefire series oxygen-fuel burners
    - Conical-shaped flame (Primefire 100 series)
    - Forward injection (Primefire 200 series)
    - Fan-shaped flame (Primefire 300 series)
  • 03FA series air-oil burners (diesel, bunker-C, fuel oils)
  • 03V Series air-gas burners (natural gas, propane, low BTU gases)
  • Brightfire adjustable velocity, low NOx, air-fuel burner
  • 04V hot-air burners for recuperative furnaces
  • Low NOx systems for end-port or side-port melters:
    - Oxygen-Enriched Air Staging (OEAS) systems
    - Compressed Ambient Air Staging (CAAS)
    - Blower Air Staging (BAS)
    - In-line burners
    - Throughport burners
  • Oil combustion, heating, pumping systems
  • Sampling probes
  • Suction pyrometers
  • Heat flux probes
  • Gas sampling probes
  • Furnace monitor high temperature closed-circuit television with retraction systems
  • Integrated furnace control and instrumentation equipment



  • Combustion system start-up and troubleshooting services
  • Furnace maintenance services
  • CCTV furnace inspection services
  • Computer-generated mathematical glass furnace modeling


Check out the technical bulletins we have available for download here.



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