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MODEL 72 SIMPLEX AND DUPLEX STRAINERS AND FILTERS are designed for minimum pressure loss and easy basket accessibility. Cast alloy construction provides both durability and economy. Duplex models include a tapered plug valve with metal-to-metal seat for long life in rough service. Simple one-stroke valve operation allows for continuous flow transfer from one side to the other without interruptions. Duplex types range from 3/4 to 8 inches in pipe size, and simplex up to 12 inches. Cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel and bronze models are stocked in many sizes. Special units can also be manufactured in other alloys, including Hastelloy "C", Carpenter 20, and Aluminum. Steam-jacketed and polymer-resin coated models are also manufactured. Threaded N.P.T. and A.N.S.I. flanged port units are standard. Butt-weld and socket weld ports are also available. Models for fuel oil and flammable fluid service bear the Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) label. Kraissl strainers are manufactured in accordance with international standard ASTM F1199 and F1200. Fabricated strainers and filters in larger sizes up to 30 inch pipe size are also available. Units can also be furnished to meet Military, Coast Guard, and other specifications where required. Special ports for strainer back-wash and control sensor installations can be provided. Automatic duplex valve actuators and controls are also available.

MODEL 73 SEA-VIEW SIMPLEX AND DUPLEX STRAINERS with transparent plastic sumps and bronze or aluminum bodies are available in pipe sizes up to 4 inches inclusive for low pressure or suction line water service.
Strainer baskets for both the Model 72 and Model 73 series are made of perforated sheet metal, with or without wire mesh liners. Hole openings typically range from .0015 to .375 inches or larger. Patented double-element baskets are available for Model 72 series strainers, providing 30 to 40% more straining area in the same size housing.


MODEL 72AA SERIES Transfer (or Diverter) Valves are used to cost effectively duplex two external pieces of flow equipment with the least amount of associated piping and space. Simple one-stroke valve operation allows for continuous transfer of flow without interruption. Sizes 3/4" through 8 inch are commonly available in cast iron, cast steel, and stainless steel. Internal valve plugs are normally provided in cast iron, stainless steel, or bronze. A broad range of screwed (NPT) port and flanged models including A.N.S.I. Class 125 and 150 through Class 1500 are typically stocked. Cast construction and tapered metal-to-metal valve plug and seat provide durability for long-life. Kraissl Transfer Valves have been accepted for many years in accordance with A.P.I. 614 and other standards for lubrication oil systems.


MODEL 60 SERIES PUMPS are Underwriters Laboratories listed for fuel oil service They incorporate an internal gear design which provides a wide range of applications. The speed of operation is chosen based on the viscosity and flow rate of the liquid at pumping temperature. These cast iron pumps are found on many fuel oil burner installations. For No.1 through No.6 fuel oils, our reduction belt-drive pump sets can be rearranged to increase or decrease supply requirements simply by changing belts and pulleys only, without changing pumps. For heavy oils with viscosities from 150 SSU to 8000 SSU and above, our reduction drive pumps are suggested with pump speed of approximately 400 RPM. Direct drive pump sets are also available for light oils and fluids where 1200 RPM, 1800 RPM, or other special fixed speeds are appropriate. Standard models are rated for pressures up to 100 psig. Capacities range from 1/2 to 200 gpm with high suction characteristics. Port sizes include 3/8 to 2 inch NPT.
MODEL 54 AND 55 CHECK AND FOOT VALVES are also available for use in associated piping.


MODEL 21 cast iron roller pumps and MODEL 25 cast iron vane-type air pumps are available for both vacuum and low pressure air service. Free displacement capacities range from 3/4 to 70 CFM, for vacuums to 28 inches of mercury and pressures to 50 PSIG. Built in, positive lubrication system with oil supply sump is included.

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