Lynchburg Air Preheater Corporation

Lynchburg Air Preheater Corporation (LAPCO) is committed to meeting your needs for a reliable supplier of high quality heat transfer products.

LAPCO engineers and designs its products for each project using the latest technology and equipment.  LAPCO uses the rules of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Div. 1 and Section I, in conjunction with your design requirements, to supply you with the best heat transfer products.

This commitment to supply the best demands improved communication between our engineers and you.  This direct communication enables accurate and timely decisions to be made concerning project details for engineering, design, fabrication, testing, packaging and shipment.  LAPCO understands your scheduled outage and downtime needs, and will work with you to meet your required shipment dates.

LAPCO's range of engineering and design experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Steam, water, and glycol air preheaters for utility, pulp & paper, waste-to-energy
  • Heat recovery and make-up air coils
  • Coils for film, pulp & paper, carpet and other types of drying applications
  • General HVAC for heating, cooling, dehumidifying, and sprayed coils
  • Autoclave applications to 1000F
  • Other special gas/fluid heat exchangers


Assembly, testing, and packaging of each heat transfer coil is completed by high quality fabrication shops.  Our audited suppliers have experience with specific materials, finned tube types, etc.  All fabrications are completed from LAPCO detail drawings, specifications, and quality plan procedures.

LAPCO guarantees the performance and quality of each heat transfer coil we supply.   Our extensive experience in engineering and design enables us to assist you in proper selection of materials, recommend appropriate fouling factors, suggest piping system design, and solve problems with existing installations.

LAPCO heat transfer products utilize a variety of surfaces.  LAPCO's extensive list of suppliers enables us to advise you on the best heat transfer surface for your coil requirements.  LAPCO can offer the following types of heat transfer surface:

  • Embedded helical
  • "L" and "LL" helical
  • Brazed Helical
  • Integral lowfin
  • Welded segmented helical
  • Edgewound & solder coated
  • Bare tube
  • Welded solid helical
  • Welded longitudinal

A list of satisfied LAPCO customers is available per request.

LAPCO's commitment is to provide you with the best service, the best engineering, and the highest quality heat transfer products on time!  We are dedicated to being your reliable source for heat transfer coils. 

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